Synthetic ICE Patinoar 300 m²

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The most innovative synthetic ice rinks on the market!

Novativo is specialized in the sale and rental of ecological ice rinks for the leisure industry (shopping malls, event companies, FEC’s, amusement parks, etc). Self-lubricated synthetic ice panels, reversibles & guaranteed for up to 12 years. No water or electricity require. We know how important the profitability is for a business, that’s why we put at your disposal countless exclusive accessories that will allow you to differentiate and increase your income.

We also offer our customers a tool to know in advance the profitability of their ice rink depending on their location and business model. Our reversible synthetic ice panels are self-lubricated and have a virtually zero maintenance cost and can be used both indoors and outdoors under any weather conditions.


Turn your artificial ice rink into a unique attraction. Bumper cars on ice, giant snow globes, curling rinks, augmented reality APP, etc.


We teach you how to maximize your synthetic ice rink revenues. Know the secrets of success thanks to our experience of more than 10 years in the sector.

Summer is over and you don’t have a swimming pool to install an inflatable water park? Don’t worry! Novativo is expert in providing innovative solutions for the leisure throughout the year such as ice rinks.

These synthetic ice rinks allow you to skating all-year-round under any weather condition, and with no maintenance costs.

How is this possible? The synthetic ice panels are self-lubricated with a unique gliding solution that provides the best gliding ability. You can wear regular ice skates and enjoy skating everywhere and anywhere without any energy consumption.

Our ecological ice rinks are a premium attraction with worldwide service and with up to 12 years of warranty.

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