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The first thing you might notice is that Scoozy does not have a steering column. We designed this, because we do not want anything in between you and the world. Maximum open to interaction with others and to accommodate the adventure.

Due to the low center of gravity and stability of the 4 wheels, Scoozy is solid as a rock.

The luggage racks at the front and back give you the opportunity to bring your luggage. The luggage is easy to clip on the racks, so that it’s safe.

With the 4x4 drive from Scoozy you go anywhere and anytime. Also in the forest on muddy paths you drive nicely.

Are you a real adventurer? You can choose an extra battery, to drive up to 120 km at once. Choose more features to make the best use of Scoozy.

Max speed : 18 km/h

Vehicle weight : 110 kg

Wheels : 16 inch

Suspention : Independent

Upholstery : Breathing mesh

Control : Joystick left or right

Engines : 2X or 4X in-wheel

Power : 350W per motor

Battery : Li-ion

Action radius : 40km - 120 km

Load time : 4h (100%) , 3h (90%), 2h (60%)

Baggage : Racks front and back

Max. obstacle height : 10cm

Turning circle : 240cm outside-inside

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