Jet Surf PRORACE Born To Race JETSURF 2018

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The PRORACE Born To Race model is a Jetsurf for advanced riders and competition use

The PRORACE Model is only available in dark silver with a designated strap positions, either goofy or regular, with memory racing pads. It was developed for advanced riders and competition use, there is no bilge pump in the exhaust, it is made out of light weight carbon fiber, there is NO WARRANTY. It is more noisy than other Jetsurf models, due to an open exhaust for more torque. This Model is suitable for competition use in the Jetsurf World Series.

Range 2 L/hour
Color Silver/Black
Seats 1
Category JET SURF
Year model 2015
Length 1800mm
Width 600mm
Height 150mm
Weight 14KG with fuel

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