Takuma Efoil Cruising

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The Efoil Cruising offers effortless glide and accessibility to fly for all. Its short mast combined to the large wing surface guarantee an easy takeoff at low. Profoil 1600 wings and battery 35A


Board size 6’4x30 : 150 L

Front wing size : 1600 cm2

Front wing options :1600

Mast size : 50 cm

Total weight : 39 kg

Battery : 12 kg

Board : 16 kg

Efoil propulsion : 11 kg

Flying time 70 to 90 min

Charging time 2h50 (220Vt) 3h20 (110Vt) 

Max speed (subject to your weight) 28km/h with the 1600 cm- 35 km/h 

Board EPS/Fiber glass top sheet

Carbon front wing + stabilizer Aluminum fuselage + mast Engine power 3 kw

Engine brushless

Battery Li-Ion 43,2V - 35Ah

Samsung Aluminum propeller: 5 blades

Color White/Blue/Red/Turqoise
Length 6’4
Width 30
Weight 85.98lbs.
Speed 21MPH with the 1300 cm2
Capacity 70-90 min

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