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Exway X1 is the most intelligent electric skateboard

Intelligent Core Understands You

Custom sensored FOC ESC guarantees seamless switch between Sensored mode and Sensorless mode. Starting in sensored mode and transitioning to sensorless mode allows you to have a smooth start-up and more powerful running speed.

Curved throttle response For smooth start-up

Safe modes Limits Speeds&Gears

Dedicated APP Personalized for you

Fault Protection Automatic Soft Brake

E-brake function Easy to control

Fault Alarm Real-time self-diagnosis

Performance Monster Dual Motor-Double Power

Direct drive,high efficiency motors with fully sealed design are waterproof & dustproof, maintain lower operating temperatures.

Dual Motor-Double Power

Direct drive,high efficiency motors with fully sealed design are waterproof & dustproof, maintain lower operating temperatures.

90 % High Efficiency

30 % Climbing Performance

4.1 N·M Maximum Torque

Intelligent Bluetooth Remote

Low power-consumption Bluetooth 4.0, Remote control ON/OFF, Better ergonomic design, Comfort grip texture

OLED Screen

0.9inch high-definition OLED screen, Designed to be seen in bright sunlight.

Four Speed Modes

Beginner mode、 Energy-saving mode、 Intermediate mode、 Advanced mode, A mode for every ride and every skill level.

More Intuitive Interaction

Real-time speed,battery & gear information display, Easy remote interface & vibration reminder can communicate with you.

Big-curve Design

Excellent flexibility & stability for better steering & handling

Professional Deck Design

10mm U-type concave more confortable for riding width of 24cm provides wider space for stability

Asymmetric Design

Streamlined design at the front end of the board & flat design at the rear for better handling

Direct Drive Brushless Motor

Advanced low-profile motor attachment doesn't interfere with clearance and prevents damage


High resilience material with unbeatable wear resisitance and 80A optimal hardness are made for shock absorbtion & longer range.

80 mm diameter is best for aggressive riding and 56mm width provides powerful grip

Shock Pad

3mm high elastic silica gel shock pad greatly reduces the impact of bumps and uneven ground.

SEISMIC proffesional longboard trucks

45 angle longboard custom trucks triungular-prism bushing design 90A hardness for an exceptionally smooth & stable ride

Collision resistant scratch-proof coating

Military explosion-proof coating for cool looks with maximum durability

Graceful curves

Transition from 16mm to 9 mm graceful curve profile provides better control & overall feel


Top speed 40km/h

Maximum torque 4.2Nm x 2

Motor rated power 350W x 2

Instant max power 1000W x 2

Motor control mode sensored FOC ESC, double closed loop control algorithm


Maximum range 16 km (real range depends on riding habits and road condition)

Battery 120Wh

Output voltage 5V-1A

Charging voltage 51V

Charging time 2 hours

Charger rated voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Charger rated power 75W

Intelligent BMS overvoltage/undervoltage/short-circuit/overheat protection/auto sleep,awake


Power take-off protection  check whether it's in locked rotor conditions. Adjust power take-off to protect board and rider according to the locked-rotor and load conditions


Vibrate to alarm under motor overheat, low ambient temperature, icy ground condition, etc.


Auto soft brake activation if abnormality such as loss of remote signal, low battery, motor overheat,etc.


Firmware upgrade, individual settings, instructions, skills, news, tutorial, etc.


Deck: composite materials (Canadian maple, bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber)

Truck: SEISMIC 45 angle professional longboard truck

Front wheels: 80*56 mm 80A high performance PU wheels

Rubber: 10mm thickness 10A high resilience PUB

Brake & shock absorbtion: 6m on dry condition(real braking distance depends on road condition and riding speed)

Braking mode: motor energy absorbing braking, energy recovery system

Shock absorbtion system: 3mm high elasticity polyurethane turck pad 90A high resilience bushings

Maximum load: 200kg

Climbing performance: 30% 

Chassis height: clearance 100 mm

Waterproof: IP55 

Remote: Bluetooth 4.0 with low power consumption, OLED 0.9 inches, 400mAh battery 

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