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.Introducing the G2X Jetboard, the most advanced of it`s kind. Reach Speeds of up to 58km/h in near complete silence. No need for messy oil change or maintenance.

Just head out and enjoy this brand new sport without the need of wind, waves or a boat.

Plug and play.

Custom engineered down to the fasteners. There's simply no other product like it. Our efficient jet-system; the boards fluid dynamic design; the water-proof remote; our brushless electric motor - all crafted with unparalleled attention to detail.

Wireless Remote to set your own speed limit.

Set your own speed with Radinn's water-proof handheld remote. The light-guide will let you know how much battery you have when out riding. It even starts vibrating to remind you when to head back to shore. 

Leash with magnetic kill switch

The safest and most powerful battery pack on the market

Military grade impact resistant polymer body

Virtually silent, 12 kW jet-propulsion. Capable of lunging the Radinn-board into 60 kph

Stepless & wireless throttle

Connected control

Control every aspect of your Radinn-board through the Radinn app

Keep your board happy and working at maximum capacity for a long long time. Data is continuously transferred from your board to the app and you’ll be notified if something is out of the ordinary. At the same time the data will automatically be analysed so that we can keep you informed on potential service needs. You can also check battery levels, run diagnostics, read the Radinn manual and much more. Set your own limits – or eliminate them all together. Power up or down your Radinn-board via the app depending on how or where you want to ride. Or who’s gonna ride it.

Polymer hull                       Impact resistant - military grade

Motor performance            Up to 12kW

Control throttle                   Stepless & wireless, bluetooth 5.0

Battery pack                       Fast exchangeable, Standard 2.8 kWh or XL 3.7 kWh

Charging time                    ULTRA charger ~2 hours or Standard charger 6-8 hours

Handling                            Twin fins allows for better response and quicker turns

Leash                                 Magnetic kill switch

Dimensions                       1945 x 810 x 170 mm

Weight                              Jetpack & body: 25kg Power Pack: 20kg

The Radinn app                Service indicator, board & throttle settings, GPS tracking, etc.

Extras                                the WHIPthrottle™ with GoPro fittings

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