Hover Shoes KOOWHEEEL H1

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Hover Shoes KOOWHEEEL H1 it is a completely new eMobility concept.

The Hover Shoes KOOWHEEEL H1 each has only one tire with an outer diameter of 3.5 inches. They are perfect for cruising as well as for cool tricks, acrobatic stunts and sport dancing as well, weighting just 3.3 kg each. With an engine output of 250 watts it reaches a top speed of 12 km / h. The user steers the HOVER SHOES H1 in the same way as riding a classic hoverboard, by shifting his weight slightly in the desired direction of travel or like a pair of skates. 

The integrated auto-balance function allows the two individual skates to remain upright after being switched on, getting on and off being very easy. The independence of both skates makes it so much more flexible than riding on an ordinary hoverboard.

Thanks to the practical connector, the Hover Shoes can also be quickly and easily converted to a hoverboard.

Hover Shoes KOOWHEEEL H1 has a housing designed in matt black and blue that is splash-proof to IP65, so even a short rain shower will not slow down the user while rideing these. Thanks to the 54 Wh batteries, a distance of up to 8 km can be covered. The LED bulbs sitting on the rubber bumpers not only ensure that you are not overlooked in the dark, but also always indicate the state of charge of the battery.

If they run out of juice while on the go, they can be easily transported thanks to the low weight and the side straps. Included in delivery is a connecting rod that transforms the individual Hovershoes into a conventional hoverboard in no time. For this purpose, the rod is simply mounted between the two skates. 

The maximum load is 100 kg.

With these Hover Shoes KOOWHEEEL H1 everything is possible, from the normal dancing to cool stunts.

Hill climb ability 12%
Lighting LED
Max load 100 kg
Range 8 km
Waterproof IP65
Weight 3.3kg each shoe
Speed 12 km/h
Charge time 2 hours
Electric power 250 W motors

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