SURFTEK STSX powered surfboard

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Brand: Surftek
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For those who crave a more extreme and racing type style of ride, Surftek would like to introduce the STSX powered surfboard. Combined with Surftek’s extremely efficient and innovative engine, and being made and designed in Canada from only the highest Military-grade materials, it is easy to see why Suftek’s Powered Surfboards beat out the competition and are rated the #1 best powered surfboards worldwide.  It’s lightweight design makes it highly portable and its technologically advanced Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI) ensures that you’ll be “Creating Your Waves” on anything from big swells to slicing through the calmer waters of lakes and rivers.

Length*Width*Height 1800*600*150 

Fuel Unleaded Gasoline #92 or above

Fuel Mix Ratio 30:1

Engine Two Stroke Water-cooled Engine 

Fuel Tank Capacity 3.0L

Displacement 106CC 

Recommended Lubricant Full Synthetic 2T

Power 8KW/7500rpm 

Ignition CDI Ignition

Recommend RPM band 6700~7800rpm 

Spark Plug TORCH L6RTC

Maximum Speed 55km/h 

Minimum Water Depth 50CM

Compression Ratio 13:1 

Weight 18KG 

Maximum User Weight 100KG

Bore*Stroke 52*50 

Packing Dimensions 1900*700*300

Starting Mode Electrical Starting

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