Belassi Burrasca 333 JET SKI 2 seats 2018

Brand: Belassi Burrasca
Product Code: Burrasca 333
Availability: Preorder

Belassi has paid special attention to combine a distinctive design inspired by Enzo Ferrari with excellent maneuverability and raw power. Stability of Burrasca  is supported by adjustable side tabs which allows to customize the way it is steering, from an aggressive sport cornering to a more smooth and pleasant ride. Saddle hands aluminum sockets offer greater passenger safety. Adjustable handlebar height and standard GPS connection. 

The perfect torque, three driving modes: SPORT, ECO and WAKE and chairs adapted for long rides, enables remarkable agility and maneuverability. It's a thrilling ride experience. Belassi Burrasca 333cp it is the perfect choice for all sport lovers.

Belassi Burrasca comes with a unique feature. Like F1 cars, Belassi implemented the BOOST system, wich fits a gas storage chamber in turbine, that may be issued in the form of extra power whenever the driver wants, by pressing acceleration to maximum, DOWNKICK type. The sensation is unique, the force felt beeing similar to an increase in power of a minimum 30%. Dynamic Brake System allows you to actively decelerate the jetski and stop quickly and safely. The brake is instant! Burrasca with 333 hp sets the benchmark most extreme ever and its arrival is a new generation of musclecrafts. 

The most powerful turbocharged 3-cylinder on the planet, Belassi Burrasca is intended for absolute performance!

Seats 2
Category JETSKI
Year model 2018
Length 3500MM
Width 1200MM
Height 1150MM
Weight 380KG

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