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Backfire X1 Ranger is an all terrain electric skateboard, it has unique hub motors, 6.5"" all terrain wheels, airless honeycomb rubber tires, double kingpin trucks, flexible shock-absorbing deck and many other great features.

All-Terrain Wheel

Equipped with four 6.5”(165mm) all-terrain rubber wheels, Ranger X1 can go anywhere you want, mud grass rock concrete, you name it.

Flexible Deck

With super flexible curved deck, Ranger X1 could absorb shock, gives you a comfortable riding!

Double Kingpin Trucks

Super carve 10inch double kingpin truck, solid yet flexible, minimum turning radius is 2 meters.

Larger Battery with 21miles Range

When it comes to electric skateboards, range and speed is the one of the most discussed topic. Ranger X1 has improved larger battery pack(36V, 14Ah capacity) with LG Cells, it can ride as far as 21 miles(the data here is from real tests, test condition: 30kph average riding speed, 75kg rider's weight, on smooth flat road with gentle breeze), and reach top speed up to 22mph(36kph). 

Full Body Water and Dust Proof

Unlike those who claims to be all-terrain skateboard, Ranger X1 is a real all-terrain skateboard with water and dust proof mechanism. Major components on the board like the ESC module and the battery modules are covered and protected with special materials, now, you don't need to worry about hurting your board when riding in bad weather.

All-Terrain Wheels with Replaceable Tires

To get great riding experience, bigger wheels alone is not enough. That's why we give Ranger X1 airless rubber wheels, it has special honeycomb architecture, and it's independently replaceable. Unlike traditional PU tires used on many skateboards, this special rubber tire has improved friction, it also absorbs shocking during riding.

Hub Motor System: Less Complicated, More Reliable

Ranger X1 is not the only all-terrain electric skateboard in the market, but unlike many other all-terrain skateboards with clumsy motor-belt-gear drive system, Ranger X1 has Hub Motors! This means Ranger X1 doesn't need all these standalone motors belts gears and all these small parts, the motor the wheel and the tire are naturally fitted into one solid piece, the entire power system is just much simpler and more efficient and responsive. As an all-terrain electric skateboard, you would probably ride under tough condition(with water dust sand rock or mud), those complicated motor-belt-gear system with so many exposed parts are more likely to break or get stuck, causing so much trouble to clean or fix them, while hub motors are less likely to break.

Double Kingpin Truck with Great Carving Experience

Many of you may be wondering what would it feel to ride a skateboard with such big wheels? The answer is: it's just like your old ones, if not better. Because Ranger X1 is equipped with double kingpin trucks, minimum turning radius is only 2 meters! Together with the 6.5"" wheels,  you get all-terrain riding experience without sacrificing maneuverability, it still gives you the same if not better carving experience!

Specially Designed Curved Deck

Deck is an essential part of an electric skateboard, that's why we put significant effort on Ranger X1's deck. It has specially designed curved shape, which fits your feet better and gives your feet extra support when you are riding, don't forget that Ranger X1 is an all-terrain skateboard, when you are riding on hills or grass, you will need this.

Deck Flexible Deck
Max load 120kg or 260lbs
Range 21miles or 35km MAX
Wheels 6.5inch(165mm)
Weight 26.5lbs / 12kg
Top Speed 22mph or 36kmph
Power Two 900W HUB Motors

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