Brand: Ziesel
Product Code: ZIESEL-Street
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  • Ziesel is a pioneer for mobility by combining sustainable and environment-friendly technologies with pure outdoor fun. It is the only barrierfree sport-vehicle with electrical high-performance power for fun and freedom in nature.
  • The Ziesel was developed for outdoor action and can be used all year round with impressive performance on almost all surfaces like: snow, sand, stone, mud, grass and more.
  • Safety is an integral part of the concept. High quality craftsmanship and the only the best components. Guaranteed.
  • ZIESEL Street

  • Road lighting, Horn, Rearview mirrors, 
  • License plate suport, Hitch 
  • Seat pad gel, Standard Charger 3kW 

Color Multicolor
Range up to 5 hours
Year model 2019
Length 132 cm
Width 122 cm
Height 154 cm
Weight 295KG

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